Prescription Medication Online Is Now Available With No Prescription


Prescription Medication Online Is Now Available With No Prescription

Don’t be misled by the propaganda disseminated by prescription medication online companies. They will tell you that their obscenely higher-priced name brands are better than generics, and worth every penny of your hard-earned money. NOT TRUE! The belief that name-brand drugs are superior to generics is a myth. Case in point: Avastin, a recently marketed name-brand drug for cancer patients, costs THREE times more than the generic equivalents that had been the template for this new drug. Moreover, tests have revealed the drug to be no more effective in fighting certain types of cancer than their generic counterparts. Why the difference in price, then? Check out httP://

One major factor is the cost of advertising and promotion. Approximately one fourth every dollar spent for name-brand drugs pays for sales seminars, hotel accommodations for research and salespeople, dinners, advertising fees, and corporate bonuses. Think of it: that’s every fourth dollar of every payment you make, and for what?–for a product that is no more effective than an affordable generic equivalent.

The bottom line is that consumers have been the victims of a mass hoax perpetrated by impersonal, over-priced executives indifferent to their clients’ needs–or shrinking budgets. Why? Because they have a vested interest in over-charging the public.

We here are dedicated to a different philosophy. We want to save you money. Why? Because when you save money, we MAKE money. Is that a profit motive, too? Of course, but it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement–a win-win situation for you. That’s the difference!

There is one other benefit we offer: convenience. The short amount of time to log on to and access our site is a fraction of the time needed to phone in or pick up a prescription at your pharmacy. We save you both gas and time. That’s an additional savings to you!


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