Diabetes and Metformin


Being recognized with diabetes might be fairly horrifying as I am residing proof of that. I was recognized a couple of 12 months in the past with Kind II and it scared the hell out of me. I was by no means sick in my life, but lately I was starting to really feel unhealthy, actual bad. I was feeling dizzy every time I moved; I was sweating simply sitting still, headaches that will kill an elephant were simply a few of my symptoms, so I assumed I had better get to the doctor because I knew something was wrong.

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When all the checks were taken and a protracted visit with my doctor he determined that sure I had diabetes. I couldn’t imagine it, but after awhile I picked myself up and realized to take care of it. He put me on Metformin and I feel it has saved my life. This drug shouldn’t be used to treat Kind I diabetes only kind II. Metformin plain and simple controls the amount of sugar my body produces, which is way too much, it helps respond to insulin that our bodies produce naturally; it controls the amount of sugar or glucose that our bodies take in from foods.

With your doctor’s guidance, he’ll prescribe Metformin in response to your body’ weight and some other factors. A blood check will decide all of that. Keep in mind though it only controls diabetes, it does not cure it. Just because you take control of your diabetes by taking this remedy, it is not a license to start consuming whatever you want again. Consuming the unsuitable foods is what obtained you into this mess within the first place, and to proceed consuming that way will only add to your problems.

To know about diabetes is a first step in taking control of it, I didn’t know a lot about it but let me tell you I do now. Do your homework, talk to your doctor, talk to your family and friends. Let them know that you’re a diabetic and please maintain that in mind in case something ought to happen. Diabetics can go into shock, so the people around you want to know what to do if and when that ought to happen. I put on a medical bracelet at all times, and inside it has my information. They definitely do not make a fashion statement but it would in all probability save my life.

When taking your Metformin, take it precisely the best way the doctor as prescribed it, whether or not it’s once a day or twice a day. At all times take it at the identical time everyday. For those who miss a dos, do not double up the following time you’re taking it, simply don’t fear about it and proceed to take it like you’re suppose to.

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